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Marrad LX2 Seat Cushion Fix

As much as I love my Marrad LX2 seats, one complaint is how frumpy the seat cushion looks after getting in and out of the car. The bottom fabric is …

NB Steering Wheel Restoration and Retrofit

Marrad LX2 Low Bolster Cloth Seats

Replacement Gauge Hood

Convertible Top Support Strap


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Flyin’ Miata Power Steering Delete Belt Tensioner Kit

Flyin’ Miata released the perfect product to replace my macgyvered belt tensioner using a gutted power steering pump. It’s a compact auto-tensioner for Miatas with air conditioning but without power …

Speedometer Cable Replacement

Differential Axle Seals

FlowForce 640cc Fuel Injectors


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Holley Retrobright LED Headlights

Upgrade from halogen headlights in Cibie housings to the LED 7″ Retrobright rounds from Holley with Morimoto LEDs. I chose the classic white (3,000k) option which has a nice incandescent …

Miata Fender Rolling

Flyin' Miata hood strut by IL Motorsport

Flyin’ Miata NA/NB Dual Hood Lift Kit

Back to OEM Washer Nozzles

How to Adjust Miata Trunk Torsion Springs