Marrad LX2 Seat Cushion Fix

As much as I love my Marrad LX2 seats, one complaint is how frumpy the seat cushion looks after getting in and out of the car. The bottom fabric is not stitched down to its padding, which means it wrinkles and folds every time I twist in or out of the seat.

Luckily this is not too difficult to fix. First, cut open the seam along the front of the seat cushion. Then, sew in an additional piece of velcro along the front edge. Finally, spray the inside with heavy duty adhesive, press it flat, and sew it back shut.

Frumpy seat cushion
Wrinkly cushion after getting in and out of the Marrad LX2 seats
Removable seat cushion held down by one piece of velcro
Wrinkled cushion removed from seat
Seat cushion with front seam opened and velcro sewn on
Filling cushion with spray adhesive
Seat cushion stitched back together
Seat cushion after gluing and re-closing

After sewing the cushion shut, some steam ironing removed most of the wrinkles.

Neatly fixed and flattened, glued and velcroed seat cushion

The same procedure was repeated for the passenger seat. Only costs for this project were some thread, velcro, and spray adhesive. My wife is a fantastic seamstress and why this turned out so neat.

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