Marrad LX2 Low Bolster Cloth Seats

After many years of research and saving, I finally splurged on a pair of Marrad LX2 Low Bolster cloth seats with silver double stitching. Having tried both NA and NB seats, with and without the foamectomy procedure, the ultimate goal has always been to sit as low as possible with comfort and support. Sliding rails were also mandatory so my wife can drive the Miata too.

Lotus Probax seats are one tempting option, but have gone up in price dramatically over the past few years and require custom mounting hardware. See Adam at Revlimiter’s posts about Lotus seats. Sparco, Bride, and Corbeau also have interesting options. In-particular I looked into buying a pair of Corbeau LE or Corbeau LE Pro seats from the UK.

Ultimately I decided to buy the best possible option on the market, a seat design that had been molded specifically for the Miata, to be as low as possible with sliding rails: The Marrad LX2

Here’s the main forum post from Mark at Marrad with full details about these seats and their R&D. Immediately after installing them I went on a +1,400 mile roadtrip to California. They are fantastically supportive and comfortable. Extra satisfied to have optioned the adjustable inflating lumbar support.

These photos show a close look at Marrad’s specialized Miata seats.

The seats come with low-profile hex-drive bolts to allow the seat rails to mount as low as possible, don’t try to use the OEM bolts and be confused that the sliders don’t work 🤦.

The slider hardware allows for some side-to-side mounting adjustment. I needed to unbolt the rails from the seat and adjust them over a bit so that the seat belt receiver bolts would not rub against the transmission tunnel carpet.

Marrad LX2 Low Bolster Cloth Seat with NA/NB Hardware x 2$2,632

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