Holley Retrobright LED Headlights

Upgrade from halogen headlights in Cibie housings to the LED 7″ Retrobright rounds from Holley with Morimoto LEDs.

I chose the classic white (3,000k) option which has a nice incandescent hue (I’m anti blinding white LED modern car headlight). The lenses are made from polycarbonate, which should be more durable and crack resistant than the glass Cibie housings I’ve already had to replace once. They put out a very clear bright light with a sharp cutoff. See Flyin’ Miata’s overview video for a demo.

These lights are great! They are brighter than the halogen H4 bulbs and the spread of light is clear and uniform. I can tell these are lower wattage than the old incandescent bulbs too because turning on the headlights doesn’t cause all the other lights to dim briefly (maybe my alternator is getting old 😆).

Holley Retrobright LED Headlights in Classic White
Holley Retrobright Headlights with LEDs by Morimoto
Installed headlights with plastic shroud removed
Driver side LED headlight
Side profile of Holley Retrobright

The biggest physical difference between these lights and the old Sylvania sealed beams or Cibie H4 housings is how flat the front lens is.

Full front view Miata with new LED headlights

Flyin’ Miata also has a great video for how to adjust the aim of Miata headlight with the adjustment screws that I referenced after this upgrade.

Holley Retrobright LED Headlight (7″ Round) – Classic White$320 (2023 Black Friday sale)

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