Cibie Headlights

OEM Miata headlights are sealed-beam halogen bulbs. It’s easy to replace them with modern glass that takes standard H4 bulbs. I bought the Cibie 82440 off Amazon for $48 each when one of my old bulbs died.

OEM Sealed-Beam and Cibie H4 Back
Cibie (Left) and Sealed-Beam (Right)
Cibie H4 Bulb
OEM Sealed-Beam Bulb

The Cibie lights create a much sharper beam than the old Sylvania halogens.

OEM Sealed-Beam Pattern (Left) and Cibie H4 Beam (Right)
Both Cibie Headlights Installed

I also used some Meguire’s Black Plastic Restorer to bring life back to the headlight surrounds.

Old Headlight Surrounds Before Plastic Restorer
Headlight Surrounds after Plastic Restorer

2019 Update

After nearly three years with the Cibie lights I can definitely recommend them. I had to replace one of that was cracked by a rock, but they have worked perfectly otherwise.

Cracked Cibie Light in March, 2019
Replacement Cibie Headlight
Still Looking Fresh in 2019

2023 Update

After one of the H4 bulbs burned out, I updated both to Holley Retrobright LED Headlights.

Driver side LED headlight

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