Accelerator Cable Replacement

Miata accelerator cable mounted through firewall

WARNING: The PIONEER CA-8896 accelerator cable is not compatible with NA Mazda Miatas. It is too short to reach from the throttle body to the gas pedal and it does not have the correct fitting to mount to the firewall. Do not try cutting the firewall or routing over the cylinder head to fit this cable, it’s just not compatible with Miatas.
Every website and parts store that has this labeled as a Miata part is wrong. I have not been able to find what car this cable is actually meant for.

Pioneer CA-8896 cable does not fit Mazda Miata
Pioneer CA-8896

The surest option is to source an OEM cable; part number: NA7541660B
Unfortunately, this part is discontinued, so only used cables are available.
Treasure Coast Miata has a great selection of used OEM Miata parts, and the replacement cable was only about $30.

Worn OEM Miata accelerator cable
Worn out original accelerator cable insulation
Size comparison of original 94 Miata accelerator cable and Pioneer CA-8896
Original cable compared to trickster Pioneer cable
OEM Miata accelerator cable vs Pioneer CA-8896
Trickster Pioneer cable vs OEM

It is very difficult to remove the cable from the firewall without damaging the rectangular plastic insert.
Here is an excellent post on creating a cable removal tool:

Flyin’ Miata has also started selling a 3D-printed cable removal tool.

Miata accelerator cable mounted through firewall
Accelerator cable mount to firewall on driver’s side
Miata accelerator cable connected to gas pedal
Accelerator cable in footwell

The yellow plastic ring snaps into a notch on the accelerator pedal lever.

Miata throttle cable connected to gas pedal
Accelerator cable-to-pedal close-up

Use the cable tightening nuts to make the cable snug. A loose cable creates a delay between pressing the gas pedal and the throttle opening. Don’t make the cable so tight that it is opening the throttle without pressing the gas pedal.

Miata accelerator cable mounted to intake manifold bracket and connected to throttle body with tightening nuts labeled
Accelerator cable and tightening nuts

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