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After a few years with the fluidic washer nozzles, I decided to switch back to stock. The fluidic nozzles aim a little too high, I’ve heard they work better with the angle of the hood on an NB than and NA. The mist spray of washer fluid means less lands directly on the windshield than with the standard dual-stream nozzles.

Removing the washer nozzles from the hood is a little fiddly, I’ve wondered if I could design a small 3D-printed tool to pop them out, like Flyin’ Miata did for the throttle cable. Patience and a screwdriver works well enough.

Mazda windshield washer nozzle: DB02-67-510

OEM washer nozzles
Fluidic nozzle from Mazda Tribune or Ford Escape
Front face of the fluidic nozzle

To partially unclip the nozzle, I was able to gently push backwards and pull up at the same time. Then using some paper to prevent it from clipping back into place, I depressed the back tab from the other side of the hood with a screwdriver.

Fluidic nozzle partially unclipped
Sliding paper under the unclipped half of the nozzle
Gently pressing the back tab of the nozzle with a flat screwdriver
Hood slot for washer nozzle
New OEM nozzle clipped into the hood
OEM dual-stream washer fluid nozzle
Washer Nozzle by Mazda x2$44

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