Speedometer Cable Replacement

1990-1997 Miatas use a mechanical speedometer cable that is spun by the transmission and routes through the engine bay to the back of the gauge cluster. These cables wear out over time and there is not a reliable way to re-lubricate them. A dying speedometer cable makes the speedometer shaky and twitchy, with a new squealing sound of the cable spinning.

Mazda OEM Part Number: NA01-60-070B

The game plan for replacing the old speedometer cable is.
1. Remove the gauge hood (it will probably shatter and need to be replaced)
2. Detach the gauge cluster from the dashboard and pull it out far enough to unclip the old speedo cable
3. Tape a wire to the old cable that will be used to pull the new one back through
4. Release the clips holding the old cable to the car on the firewall behind the engine and in the transmission tunnel
5. Unscrew the old cable from the transmission
6. Attach the new cable to the transmission and feed it back through to the back of the dashboard
7. Re-attach the tabs, clips, and grommets that hold the cable and gauge cluster

Metal tab holding speedo cable to firewall
Opening the metal tab holding the speedometer cable
Behind the gauge cluster replacing the speedometer cable
Disconnecting the speedometer cable behind the gauge cluster

The cable connector rotates pretty easily, spin it around until the clip on one side is accessible to detach it.

Speedo cable gauge cluster connector
Taping a chase wire to the old speedo cable to pull the new one through
Speedometer cable under the car attached to the transmission tunnel
Speedometer cable connection to transmission

The connection to the transmission should not be too tight. Use a pair of pliers to loosen the grooved nut. The spinning end of the cable fits into a slot in the transmission, don’t force it.

Preparing to pull the new speedo cable through the firewall to the dash
Using the red chase wire to pull the cable through
Speedo cable clicked into the back of the gauge cluster
Snapping the new cable grommet into the firewall
Re-securing the new cable with the metal tab behind the engine
New speedometer cable installed
Replacing the gauge cluster with the new speedometer cable attached
Speedometer Cable NA01-60-070B$96

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