Project-G G-String Bikini Top

Assembling a Miata bikini top from Project-G. Before ordering, follow the measuring guide on the Project-G website, the bikini tops are made to fit specific windshield-to-roll-bar measurements. Mine also took many weeks to manufacture and ship due to supply shortages. Source an old convertible top frame from a junkyard Miata – I found one on craigslist from a future 24 Hours of Lemons car!

Donor convertible top
Peeling the old top fabric off the frame
Exposing the windshield bow
Cutting the windshield bow off the convertible top frame

I used an angle grinder with a cutoff wheel, and it went through both the metal frame and the rubber weatherseal like butter. I did a some test cuts first, and brought the bow over to my work bench where I could clamp it down and make a clean final cut more easily.

Windshield bow cut close-up
Windshield bow cut, a flat surface
Windshield bow cut
Laying out the bikini for assembly
Applying 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive along the front edge
Sealing the fabric down tight with the rail and screws
Applying glue for the side flaps
Clamping down the side flaps tight
Gluing the final corner folds
Securing the corners
Making holes for the weatherseal screws
Taping the cutting template to the center support plumbing pipe
Testing a 3D modeled and printed version instead, based on a scan of the template
Cutting the roll bar end of the center support
Installing the center brace for the first test fit
Gap because the center brace is too loose
Adding pressure to the center tube to close the windshield bow gap
Progression of 3D printed center brace heads
Project-G made a short run of adjustable center brace heads back in 2014
Project-G adjustable “EZ” center brace ad
Center brace 3D model

New 3D printed adjustable center brace installed

Tighter windshield gap with adjustable center brace
Bikini shoulder strap
Attached bikini inner strap
Inner bikini strap anchors
Seatbelt tower for inner strap attachment
Installed inner bikini strap mounts
Inner bikini strap
Exposed edge of windshield bow
Preparing to glue on decorative cap
Window trim cap glue
Window end cap orientation
Finished weatherstrip cap

This 3M adhesive is great, but try to find the black instead of yellow for a black fabric.

Finished window weatherseal
Replacement latch caps
Latch caps replaced
Worn latch padding
DIY replacement latch pad, because the Mazda part has been discontinued
Finished bikini top
Installed Project-G G-String bikini top
Bikini top
Finished bikini top
Bonus, the bikini fits in the trunk
Project-G G-String Bikini Top$325
3M™ Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive$6
Donor convertible top bow$40

3 Comments on “Project-G G-String Bikini Top”

  1. Great write up!! Just got mine, I hope you install it this weekend. Any chance you are making and selling your 3d printed center brace adjustable heads?

    Thanks, George

    1. Thanks George! My 3D print quality probably isn’t high enough to sell, but I just uploaded the 3D models to the post. You could try one of those services that prints and ships.

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