Fuel Filler Door Replacement

One tragic casualty of the hail storm that attacked my Miata in Colorado was a dimple dent on the fuel filler door. Other dents on the hood and trunk still need to be fixed, but replacing the fuel door was an easy quick fix. Two small bolts hold the fuel door hinge to the body of the car, and there are small rubber bumpers on the door that keep it from rattling. There is a metal spring tab that pops the cap open, and I put a piece of shrink tubing over that to prevent it scratching against the paint.

Mazda part number: NA01-42-410A or NA01-42-410B

Old fuel door with hail dent
Open fuel filler door
Two screws fastening the fuel filler door
Old dented fuel filler door vs new
90-97 Mazda MX-5 Miata Fuel Filler Door Lid Gas Tank Cover – ebay
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