Bumper Support Bars Replacement

It feels silly to post this since it’s so simple. The thin metal rods that hold the front bottom corner of the Miata’s bumper needed a glow up. They are flimsy and the paint had started to peel off and reveal rust on the ends. And critically, the bolts had snapped off in their threaded holes. These supports are bent and abused when taking the front bumper or undertray off the car. The bottom side is held on by a bolt through the threaded hole of the bar, and the top has a nut that holds it and the undertray to a stud.

Mazda part number: NA01-50-160

Miata tipped up with one wheel off to replace the bumper support on that side
New bumper support rod installed, view from the wheel well
1990-1997 Mazda Miata Bumper Support Brackets Brace x2$48

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