Stubby Radio Antenna

A stubby radio antenna modernizes the look of a 90’s Miata. I’m generally not a fan of updating the Miata appearance-wise because the classic styling is aging like fine wine, but this is an exception. I reserve the right to change my mind and switch back to the original antenna. Practical reasons for this update include – not catching extension cords on the antenna, making the Miata car cover and car wash friendly, and sneaking under toll gates. It’s also worth noting that C-package Miatas came with automatic electronically retracting antennas, which could be the best of both worlds.

The Stubby Antenna from Cravenspeed is the original name-brand short antenna replacement.

I have noticed that radio reception is a little bit worse with the stubby, but not terrible.

Original Miata antenna
Cravenspeed The Stubby
The Stubby box
The Stubby instructions
Removing the original antenna with a little help from a 10mm wrench
The Stubby Installed
The Stubby Antenna from Cravenspeed$25

**June 2022 Update**

I decided to put the original antenna back because the reception was so bad with the stubby, sometimes the radio scan button wasn’t able to find a single FM channel with reception.

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