Convertible Top Replacement

A crease had been slowly forming in my rear window, but one cold day I went to raise the top and the whole window burst open. I didn’t take too many photos of this project because I was rushing to put the replacement top on. I installed a Robbins Streamline Style one-piece in black Stayfast cloth model 2905C. Maybe a glass window replacement top would have been smart, but my Hard Dog M1 sport roll bar is not compatible.

Torn convertible top plastic window
Small tear in the old vinyl top
The old top wasn’t installed properly anyway
Detaching the old top along the back
Original torn up rain rail
Cutting the old top along the center bow to remove it easier
Unscrewing the weather seal rails
Reattaching the tension cables
Gluing the top corner near the convertible latch
Gluing the front edge of the convertible top fabric along the front bow
Replacement clips for the seal near the door
Refreshing the rubber weather seals with silicone spray to re-hydrate them
Adding washers to some of the nuts along the rain rail
Stretching the new top out in the sun so it will close
Ratchet straps gradually stretching the top over a few days until the latches reach
Robbins Streamline Top – Canvas with Rain Rail for 90-05 Miata$575
3M Black Super Weatherstrip and Gasket Adhesive, 08008$10
Dorman 963-009D GM Panel Retainer, 4 Pack$6

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