Cappuccino Washer Bottle

Replacing the OEM washer fluid bottle with one from a Suzuki Cappuccino has no real benefits, I just think it’s neat. This is more important for a Miata that needs extra engine room, like a V8 swap, but it tidies up the engine bay in any case. Adam over at Revlimiter gave me the idea for this mod, and I am always interested when random parts from other cars happen to be perfect for the Miata (see Mitsubishi Air Vents).
Flyin’ Miata used to sell the Cappuccino bottle with mounting brackets as a kit, but they’ve since released their own aluminum tank. I opted to save a few dollars by creating the brackets myself and buying just the Suzuki bottle from

The Suzuki part number is 38450-80F00

OEM washer bottle

There are a few bolts holding the OEM bottle in place. One of the reasons this mod works is that the OEM Mazda washer fluid pump fits perfectly on the Cappuccino bottle!

OEM Mazda washer fluid pump on Cappuccino bottle

There are two existing holes that can be used for mounting the new washer bottle. One is a bolt hole that holds a metal line leading to the brake booster, and the other is an empty hole near the fender.

Bracket from miscellaneous bolts and nylon spacers
Bracket using brake booster line bolt hole
Wiring for new pump location

The wiring for the pump has to be extended to reach the new location on the other side of the engine bay. Don’t worry, there is a soldered and heat-shrinked connection under that tape, that is just extra protection because the wire rubs against a sharp edge at the windshield cowl.

Washer fluid hose reversed

The washer fluid hosing needs to be reversed since the pump is now on the opposite side of the engine, but it can be done without needing any new hose or connectors. There is already a hole for attaching the 90 degree elbow to the hood too.

Finished cappuccino bottle replacement
Mounted Suzuki Cappuccino windshield washer bottle
New open space in the engine compartment (ignore the temporary bundle of knock sensor wiring)
Suzuki Cappuccino Bottle
¥2,600 (¥2,800 shipping)
$49.18 total
Miscellaneous bolts, bits of nylon spacer, metal strips, wire~$5

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