NA Seat Reupholstery Kit

Back in 2016 I reupholstered my seats with a kit from Sierra Auto Tops & Seats. The original upholstery was mostly fine, but had started wearing away at the usual place on the driver’s side bolster. The restoration was easy and also included a foamectomy and repainting of the metal seat pan bottoms. The vinyl help up well from 2016-2021 when I swapped to NB surfboard seats after refreshing those with another Sierra kit.

This post is reference photos more than a guide. My main advice is to ditch the hog rings and just use zip ties. I took many more photos when reupholstering the NB seats in 2022.

Original driver side Miata NA seat compared to reupholstered passenger side seat
OEM NA Mazda Miata seats
Close-up original fabric upholstery vs new vinyl
Seat pan removed for rust removal with a spinning wire brush
Rust removed from the seat pan, ready for paint
Miata seat foamectomy, cutting foam out from under the driver’s seat bottom
Old seat compared to new with vinyl upholstery and freshly repainted seat pan
Two reupholstered Miata seats
Restored seats reinstalled in the Miata
Passenger seat quality control tester
Fifth seat bolt which holds the sliding seat belt receiver to the transmission tunnel
Spacer ring for seat belt slider

I was very confused where this ring goes when reinstalling the seats, hopefully this clarifies for someone else.

Order of washer and spacer for seat belt slider mounting point
Reupholstered seats going strong in
Vinyl upholstery looking nearly new after 5 years of wear
Passenger seat
Upholstery still has zipper for headrest speaker access
Pair of reupholstered Miata seats
Sierra Auto Tops & Seats Seat Cover Kit$119
Zip ties and black spray paint

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