Refurbishing Convertible Top Latches

Refurbished Miata convertible top latch

There are a few plastic and rubber pieces in the convertible top latch assembly that wear out over time.
In-particular, the plastic cap that helps locate the latch and seal it well. With the plastic cap broken off, the latch does not fit snugly and can rattle. Since the plastic cap had been missing for a long time, the male and female inserts of the latch had both worn down badly. There is also a foam pad the prevents rattling.

The foam pad is part number NA01-R1-313B
The plastic cap is NA01-R1-311
Latch catches/striker part numbers:
While researching these part numbers I realized that the strikers I installed may technically be meant for the side latches of a hard top. They work great, so I think the parts are interchangeable.
The real part numbers for front/top strikers are: NA02-R1-361H (Right) and NA02-R1-371H (Left)
However, the part numbers for side catches are NA02-R1-361D (Right) and NA02-R1-371D (Left)

Worn Miata convertible top latch
Worn Latch
Refurbished Miata convertible top latch
Refurbished latch
Original worn Miata latch striker
Original worn Miata latch striker

Miata latch striker installed
New catch/striker
Miata top latch strikers
Old strikers vs new

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