Quilted Door Cards

Reupholstering a Miata door panel is not that expensive or difficult, but it makes a great difference on the interior. My one recommendation on this project is to buy extra fabric; as soon as you finish this you will feel the urge to make matching transmission tunnel and parcel shelf covers. If you use thick foam-backed fabric like this, don’t be afraid to downsize the the panel a tiny bit around the edges and corners, otherwise the extra bulk will catch on the door frame.

Original Miata Door Card
Removing fabric, clips, and speaker guards from original door card
Removing original stapled door card cover fabric/vinyl
Water-damaged and warped original door card
Warped and ripped original door card panel
Creating new door card panel from 1/8 inch hardboard
Painting over original door card to mark cut lines
Cutting out new door card from painted template with oscillating multi-tool
Drilling/cutting clip keyholes and marking speaker location for new larger speaker grill
Laying out new quilted vinyl fabric from ebay
Original door card fabric over new quilted fabric to align diamond quilting direction
Trimming new fabric and attaching to new door card with spray adhesive
Cutting tabs and wrapping door card with fabric
Tabs cut for wrapping around curves of door panel
Checking position of metal clips from original door panel
Original metal door panel clip risers
Cutting out original clip rivets with hacksaw
Cleaning and sanding metal clips for better epoxy bond
Marking clip locations based on original door card
Applying 2-part epoxy to door card for metal clip risers
Attaching metal clips to new door panel with epoxy
Replacing old plastic clips, Nissan replacements had the right attachment size for 1/8 inch hardboard, original blue clips were reused for metal riser attachments
Door Card Clip Part Numbers
Mazda GJ6A-68-AB1
Mazda GJ6R-68-ABX
Mazda G352-68-ABX
Nissan 80999-VE000
Wrapping and gluing new fabric around door card, and attaching new Nissan clips
Wrapping door card and starting on trim pieces and clips
Preparing speaker grill screws with black paint
Drilling mounting holes for speaker grill
Attached speaker grill mounting ring
Cleaning and refreshing door handle plastic
Finished door panel ready for assembly
Completed quilted door panel
Finished door panel
ebay Quilted vinyl 2″x3″ diamond 3/8″ foam upholster fabric$44
Parts Express 6-1/2″ Car Type Steel Mesh 2-Piece Speaker Grill with Plastic Mounting Ring$7
Nissan 80999-VE000 Clips x 25$9
1/8″ hardboard$12
2-part epoxy, spray adhesive, black plastic restorer~$20

References: Revlimiter Door Panel Project Part 1 and Part 2

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