Valve Cover Paint

There’s not much to explain for this mod. I used Black VHT Wrinkle Paint, which forms heat-resistant wrinkled finish (à la Ferrari valve covers).

Unpainted Miata valve cover
Cleaned and prepped valve cover
Primed valve cover
Painted valve cover

I made a mistake with the painter’s tape. I used it to prevent scratching off the paint when I exposed the lettering, but it stuck to the paint too well.

Painter’s tape mistake (but the letters look great!)

A few more layers of paint easily covered my mistake, especially because of the textured finish. It is hard to get the paint the correct thickness for the wrinkle affect, but I found it looked good as long as the paint thickness was consistent. I did a few test pieces, including the FM master cylinder bracket.

Finished valve cover after repainting and baking the wrinkle paint in the oven
Painted valve cover
Black wrinkle paint valve cover up close
Finished valve cover

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