Flyin’ Miata Shock Tower Brace (old version)

This is an old post of photos from a 2015 install. The old design of Flyin’ Miata’s shock tower brace had fitment issues and was not a favorite upgrade. Posting these photos now because FM recently re-engineered this part and introduced the new model! The new brace is excellent and does not have the problems of the old one. Even with its issues, I kept this installed on the Miata for nearly 9 years before replacing it with the new one.

The main issue with this brace is that it is directly centered over the shock towers, which puts it too far forward in the engine bay to have enough clearance when the hood is closed. When FM re-designed this part, they offset the bar towards the back of the engine bay which was smarter. They also improved the fitment to bring the brace lower overall.

The Flyin’ Miata logo on this old version was just a sticker, and eventually peeled off after enough time in the heat of the engine bay. The black powder coating on this part was also not very durable. FM fixed both of those issues with the new bar which is fully stainless steel with an etched logo.

Brace contacting the hood
Passenger side corner of the shock tower brace
Driver side corner of the shock tower brace
Passenger side hood paint chip
Driver side hood paint chip
Shock tower brace bottom with paint flaking off
Shock tower brace mount driver side
Shock tower brace to airbox clearance
How tall the shock tower brace is above the valve cover
Updated 2024 photo of Flyin’ Miata shock tower brace before uninstallation
Flyin’ Miata shock tower brace$170

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